Parents evening.

so, parents evening…. it comes around once maybe twice a year, I have never dreaded it before  but  things haven’t been as plain sailing as in recent years, we have now entered a new era, most commonly known as puberty, its a small word, one that up until now I only had my own experiences of boys, periods, mood swings, rejection, the feeling the world was about to end because the boy of the week didn’t look at me the right way,  but now, with Fleur nearing her 13th year I am presuming this is what hell is like, but a tad colder!

The meeting was booked, Fleur had been warned, it was on her board and the conversation had been had of the plan.  I was to meet husband and the kids at Fleur’s school straight from work, I was just getting in the car when the call came in.

” We are at the school, I can’t get her to get out of the car”

My stomach, heart and all of my being sank, knowing that all of the energy I had left would have to go on getting her out the car and in the school, rather than on the meeting ahead, I started the car.

” I’m on my way….”

20 minutes of begging, pleading, bartering, you name it we tried it, Husband and Artie hot footed it to the school to explain the situation, we waited in the car park of the school, Fleur repeatedly saying sorry although she was unaware of what the apologies were for, emerging from the school I spied hubbie, Artie and Fleur’s teacher.  OK , parents evening in the car park, what a novel idea, I knew I should have popped my fold up chair in the boot.

Who would have thought the a simple task , a ten minute meeting at school would evolve into such a stressful scenario for Fleur that all levels of communication have failed and the only result ,  my guilt ramped up an extra notch and Fleur feeling bad with herself but not really knowing why.

Note to self….. sort child care for next time.




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