Ahh.. the weekend – such fun !

Artie had his friend round today for a play date and lunch,  Fleur had been pre-warned of this and it had been on her board.  His friend was due round about 11am,    with a countdown on the clock I hurriedly attempted to get her out of bed and at least had breakfast before his arrival, knowing that once a guest was here there was little or no chance of getting her out of her room.

With the bribe of Mr Bean on TV we managed it …..just.  After breakfast she resumed position on her bed and played Bruno Mars’s lazy song loudly!  Having settled myself down with a coffee, the task ahead was a rather daunting one of getting her out of her pj’s and into some proper clothes before lunch time, which normally being at 12pm was going to be tricky, I decided that today was most definitely and 2 coffee morning and so put the task off a little longer.

With lunch sorted and with the promise that she could eat in her room with my lap time to watch ” Justin’s House” for the zillionth time, I settled down to escape into my kindle, which bizarrely is,  after my kids, hubbie and dog my most treasured possession, Oh how I do so look forward to those 10 minute windows of calm.

We all managed to go out for a walk with our beloved dog after lunch, Fleur hung back staying well away from the noisy boys.  It is so important to get out there and see “normal”  things, after all, the world keeps on turning.

The second half of the afternoon after dropping home Artie’s friend was to involve a trip to a local shopping centre, which Fleur loves,  basically because it is huge and spacious with pretty lights everywhere, it is also big enough to not be too busy even when its busy.    So with a deep breath and armed with ear defenders, earphones/iphone we set off.

All hopes of a relaxing mooch around the shops were quickly thwarted by Fleur who, loving the open space and running, did exactly that, she ran down one side with hubbie in hot pursuit all the way to the end, only to do the same up the other side.  We all stopped for a breather  to negotiate everyone’s tastes for dinner and then we were off again, Forest Gump sprang to mind as I saw her plait whooshing about from side to side as she picked up speed.

We came to the restaurant that we had decided on,  an upmarket burger place,  which cross fingers, would have something for everyone.  We were seated quickly and by luck were by the window which always helps with Fleur’s feeling of being hemmed in.  Shit and double shit Fleur was hungry, we glanced at each other as the time from ordering to food arriving seemed to be endless, the colouring in sheets and word searches provided by the restaurant were just not going to cut it.  I pulled out the Disney princess CD that we had brought for her that afternoon and we marvelled at it from cover to cover just to buy us a few more minutes!

Hurrah! the food arrived, everyone tucked in, for myself and Hubbie it is basically, get set go, there is no relaxing meals here thank you very much, the object of a dinner out is to all try and finish at the same time so that there is no idle time to be relaxing, you eat you go, well that’s how she sees it.   Fleur was clearly enjoying the experience, the place was busy but not loud, she could see out the window and was demonstrating her happiness by lots of flapping, head rolling and laughing, tomato sauce splatted all around her chin,  I caught a young girl on the next table staring as kids do, Fleur, thankfully is oblivious to this, me on the other hand, well it pisses me right off,  I gave the girl my best Paddington Bear hard stare and she relented and looked  away, childish I know on my part, the parents are at fault not the girl, I make myself feel better by pretending the girl was just jealous, why wouldn’t she be, our table was much more fun.

By the time we drove home it was already dark which created much excitement for a spooky night time adventure.  After sorting everyone to bed, a quick cuppa and an episode of Buffy to keep my sanity, I collapsed into bed, exhausted and  with my burger still sitting on my chest having eaten it so damn quickly,but still with a feeling of accomplishment that today had been a good day.

It’s nice to have written this down, some weeks  these days good days are few and far between.



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