Firework night

Something we do every year, even before we had the children.   Aways at my parents house, what started off as a larger shindig of friends and family has over the years dwindled to close family which quite frankly is fine by me and makes for a much more chilled evening with Fleur.  We handled some early anxiety by packing a bag with lap top, earphones, iPhone and dollies and with the promise that the fireworks would all be viewed from the safety of the bedroom overlooking the garden.

I was so very proud of the way she coped with last night,  the sheer delight on her face, lit up by the multi coloured cascade illuminating the sky  was an absolute joy, we oooed and aaahd at the show of colour,  of course once they were finished she retreated to the solace of  the other room were she had cocooned herself with  her paraphernalia of items that help her feel safe,   but that was ok, we had shared a moment and I loved it.

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