There is this other thing going on with Fleur, quite a major thing really, one that I may well write about sometime, it is something that consumes me everyday, I have had “therapy” sessions for it, been given pills to cope with the stress of it but none of that really worked for me.  I do so like to have time with my thoughts and be myself, to  just be me and not mum, wife, carer if only for an hour or so.   My therapy sessions are now led by something with 4 legs, a fierce loyalty and a zest for life and walking that makes my heart lift.  She makes me get up every morning, forces me out there to see that the world keeps on turning and keeps me …well fit, fit as a butcher’s dog!   Cookie is my beloved spaniel, we walk roughly 4 miles a day, more if time will allow and she keeps me level,  we walk in the woods,  listen to the birds, breath in the aroma of the forest floor….well I do, she runs off trying to catch that ever illusive squirrel.

She is nutty, sometimes a tad annoying, treads mud through the house, will not entertain a lie in and she smells a bit, but I love her and all that she does for me so unknowingly.


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