There is a sequence of events that has to happen in the  morning, in the evening before bath, after bath and before bed.  If this routine or ritual is not followed, things all go a bit messy for our girl and then we all have to suffer the consequences!

There are the wooden dollies that need their clothes changing in the morning,  curtains open, blind open (then shut again to get dressed)  all the sensory lights have to be turned off in the right order, the calendar has to be changed, and dollie has to have her day clothes on, all this before breakfast makes for an exhausting morning especially when you are up against the clock to get out the door on time for school.

The night time routine is much the same but in reverse I guess, the wooden dollies have an extra change of clothes though, they have pre-bath clothes and then night time clothes.

If we try to rush these things, skip part of it, or god forbid do one of the jobs for her, for example dare to shut the curtains, we have to go back to the very beginning, so for goodness sake, remind yourself, however much of a rush you are in do not interfere with an autistic child’s  routine, it will throw them off for the rest of the day/evening and I can safely say, from experience, it truly isn’t worth it!

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