And so this is (an Autistic) Christmas ….

Here we are then, the big day, the day that the whole world seems to lose their shit over, well not in this house.  Christmas with an Autistic child and a non autistic child is incredibly hard.  As a parent you so, so want to be able to do all the magical over the top things that make truly wonderful memories for your offspring, but sadly this cannot be.

An autistic Christmas Day usually involves treating the day like any other.  Yes we have put the tree up, which Fleur enjoyed decorating, we left a mince pie and milk for FC and a carrot for Rudolph, well me and Artie did, Fleur was really not fussed about feeding the strange over weight man that apparently comes down the chimney!  Every time I say or hear this I just think, god what a load of nonsense who believes this stuff!  We also left the sacks out to be filled.  The presents  in Fleur’s sack were left unwrapped so’s not to cause any further apprehension or fear, there have been no Christmas songs, silly hats or any Christmas paraphernalia.

You know there are some days where you wake up and wish the day was done already, well that’s how I feel, if we can get through the day without any major meltdowns that would be the best present and one that no amount of money can buy.

And do you know what, I think if you asked all the people you knew to truthfully say which kind of Christmas they would prefer, they would choose Fleur’s kind, and society deems them to be the ones who are different, surely it should be the other way around.

Happy Christmas my darling girl, you are the brightest light of all.


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