So, the other day during the Christmas period, my hubbie came in the kitchen and said, “I’ve been reading about PDA” .  Ooooh I stupidly thought to myself, are we going to become one of those couples that make everyone sick with their pda – public displays of affection ?  How exciting, maybe we may even try a little al fresco, if you know what I mean.   Alas no,  it was actually a report he had read about Pathological demand avoidance AKA PDA!!

Aaah, well there we are, that is much more fitting to our world.  After having a really awful, terrible, shit, horrendous and all the other adjectives that describe a period of time known as hell, basically the last 4 weeks of the winter term have been fight or get beaten to an emotional pulp,  we were clutching at straws about Fleur’s deterioating  behaviour at school, when he came across this report and then subsequently got directed to the PDA website,  which is a branch off of the National Autistic Society website and all of a sudden we had a very low key light bulb moment, for in that instance it all fitted, all that we were reading was so true of our girl, it was both scary and emotionally uplifting.

We have informed the school who have welcomed this possiblilty with open arms and are now waiting for Ed psych to re-assess our girl, it is all completely manageable if the right solutions and found and applied to certain situations.

I have been more scared than this and on more than one occasion, but this comes pretty close.  Watch this space is all I and say… if we manage to get some form of diagnosis of  PDA this may open up more doors and help for our girl, we will never stop fighting for you sweetheart.


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